Tama Mud Flats campsite

Morning mist above Upper Tama Lake

This time-lapse is a good example of being in the right place at the right time, but more by chance than anything else. We’d set up camp the afternoon before at a great little spot overlooking Upper Tama Lake and on this particular morning, we were so fixated on watching the sun hitting the slopes of Mt Ruapehu, that we almost completely missed what was going on behind us.

It was only after one of us happened look back that we noticed cloud starting to roll up the valley from the east. What followed was a mad dash down to this mudflat to try and find a half decent composition and set up the camera. It was quite something to watch this wall of cloud as it approached and enveloped us like something out of a Stephen King novel. Half an hour later, it was clear again, like it never happened.

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