Camera gear

My love-hate relationship with camera gear

Hi, my name is Martin, and I’m a camera gear addict. If I’m perfectly honest, I’m actually attracted to any shiny new technology, but for the purposes of this article, I’ll stick to camera gear.

As a result of this addiction, I have way too much gear. And despite my best efforts to stay organised, I keep losing bits and then finding them again in seemingly random and obscure places. I’ve managed to resist any significant purchases of late, but that’s more down to the fact that a recent upgrade to a Canon R5 and some RF glass, dealt a near death blow to the bank account.

And now Canon has announced the release of the R3. Regardless of whether you shoot Canon, Nikon, Sony… I’m sure many of you can relate, I know that I don’t NEED the R3, but I DESIRE it immensely. Fortunately, I’ve reached the stage where I’ve realised that better gear doesn’t necessarily make me a better photographer, just a poorer one.

Hopefully common sense will prevail.

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