About Us

Who is Blurry Media

Blurry Media is husband and wife team, Martin and Debbie (or just Debs to her friends). We’re based in New Zealand, a country filled with mountains, lakes, glaciers, fiords and beaches, along with a few active volcanoes (like the one above) to make things even more interesting.

At Blurry Media, we combine our love of the active outdoors with a passion for photography to create engaging outdoor lifestyle content that showcases the natural beauty of the place we call home.

Speaking of home, if you haven’t visited New Zealand yet, you really should. We think you’ll find our New Zealand travel guide very useful when planning your trip.

What’s blur got to do with it?

You may be wondering about our particular fascination with blur. Here’s how we see it. Managing blur, or the lack thereof, is an important part of how we capture and share the world around us.

Think of it this way. After choosing a subject and having considered lighting, exposure, composition and colour, what we’re left with as photographers and videographers are, for the most part, decisions around blur. Whether it’s focus blur or dealing with motion blur (intentional or unintentional), we make decisions about blur every time we take a photo or shoot a scene.

So yes, the name Blurry Media may seem somewhat ironic but we’re not afraid to ‘embrace the blur’ and if you check out some of our work, it seems to have turned out just fine.